Dr. Alfred Tomatis

An Ear, Nose and Throat physician, Dr. Alfred Tomatis discovered the link between ear and voice early in his career. Initially, he applied his discoveries to help musicians, especially singers, regain audio-vocal control. It was not long, however, before his work extended to children whose parents wanted to improve their musicality in order to enroll them in top music programs in Europe.

Dr. Tomatis was surprised to discover reports that both the adults and children were experiencing improved memory, focus, attention span and a diminishing of their learning difficulties. Determined to get to the root of these findings, Dr. Tomatis embarked on a lifelong pursuit of understanding the relationship between the ear and its role in communication, learning and brain function. As the pioneer in the field, Dr. Tomatis' discoveries are the basis for all auditory training programs. He defined the physiological and cognitive differences between hearing and listening that are the foundation of the Dynamic Listening System educational training.


Dr. Alfred Tomatis: Pioneer in defining thephysiological and cognitive differences between hearing and listening.


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